here we are

Again we observe about a year of break. But I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that is a shorter break than the last. Actually I lie, it is a longer break than the last. But… okay yeah no it’s almost double the last break. But we’re here again, because coffee-and-sleep has not migrated yet, and the whole point of what I’m trying to do now is that I own what I write, so it won’t be on the anonymized wordpress blog either.

I won’t do that much editing on this one because my main goal is to put it out there and be the “kind of person” who actually has outwards-facing material.


I’ve written much inwards-facing material in the past year but not really anything public. Often the things I’ve had to really think about were personal issues, and naturally I wouldn’t post about them. But also I’m just lazy and screening your own writing for publishability takes effort.

But I think it’s valuable in setting a precedent for yourself. It’s practice for when you want to do a good write-up of nebulous thoughts you’re having about political systems or efficient ways of communicating long chains of thoughts. It helps develop style. All of these are obvious, but it’s only becoming clear to me now that these are things I might want for myself enough to write publicly regularly. Perhaps I won’t actually make this a priority, but I believe in it enough now to post this. I have to do more about interlinkage between thoughts I have, but that will come later and with some tinkering between Hugo and Obsidian. Wish me luck, but mostly willpower.