I just realized that Hugo changes post urls to post titles by itself. Good job Hugo.

what thoughts have i had in the past?

This is a pretty hard problem. Probably LLMs make it better/easier, but I want to do it a couple of times myself before I hand over this very important task to an AI, so I know how exactly I want it to be done. Or what it is that I want in the first place.

There’s a space of thoughts I could have. They range from very untrue to very true, and the reason it’s a range and not black and white is because every sentence has inflections and subtleties that can paint a mental image that’s closer or further from the high dimensional idea we’re trying to communicate. So I want to hone in on the true side of this spectrum of thoughts, and in that I want to mark the ones I endorse. Moreover, I don’t want the branching factor to be high. I don’t think that the thoughts people think about things are very diverse at all. There are many contexts in which we think thoughts, but the flavors of thoughts themselves we’ve mostly all thought already. It’s rare indeed that we experience new emotions.

I’m writing this later in the night and my track record of posting is low enough that I won’t edit this one either, but in order to make the branching factor lower and revisit thoughts/form connections I am slowly opening up to the concept of editing and polishing. It would be useful for you guys for me to tell you which pieces I’ve spent more time on, but alas at this stage I’ve not spend much time on anything at all.

But back to the original problem. I think I should link more aggressively. I should also learn more algebra/category theory/set theory and see if they lend themselves to thinking about thoughts as objects.

Intralinking is 500x worse in Hugo. https://gasparri.org/2022-06-10-hugo-wikilinks/. But wait, we have a savior. https://github.com/devidw/obsidian-to-hugo. Bless this person. I’m excited to use it.


In my search for good ways to do linking, I found :nutshell. In the process of trying out nutshell on here, I figured out I can use \(\LaTeX\), and I’m surprised, even though I probably was the one that modified scripts to be able to use it, once upon a time.

Update: I definitely did modify the scripts once upon a time and it definitely did not work. I cheated with the “tex everything” extension. However now everything does work! :D I can’t decide whether I want to keep the nutshells on hover for every header.

Okay probably the best part is that the fonts are consistent. I would show you here but I can’t change font easily within Hugo, so.


:we try this

and it works?