here we go again

Let’s get to it. I’m doing this mostly because I really should, it’s been a couple of weeks. I’m not at a breather yet, although maybe a little.

Productive things

  • Got advice on classes to take in Princeton for spring semester
  • Applied to UCs, and apparently USC
  • Got PACT T-Shirt and SANS hoodie!!
  • Got to think about things
  • Managed to submit all of my last psets :))
  • Did my two algebra lectures for AIME prep
  • Srushti came to CS Club for a guest lecture!!!
  • Did an instant decision day interview at SUNY Morrisville for massage therapy (got in)
  • Accepted into Ohio State !!! (dunno about scholarship)
  • Did basketball tryouts! But only for a day, I ditched after that
  • Updated a singular new post on Coffee and Sleep for newcomers
  • Attended a theory seminar thing and talked for like two minutes
    • Note to future mes: always check slide compilations ;-;
  • SHP was quite fun this semester. Lots of cool math
    • Like group theory and surfaces like the real projective plane !!
  • Also learnt about fat cantor sets and other things on blogs
  • Got around to listening to 3b1b’s podcast
    • Honestly math is so cool

Maybe not so productive things

  • It was my birthday !! And we went to an escape room and it was all VERY FUN and I 100% recommend this for my future self, would do again
    • We managed to eat at a2b before that, and ate hot breads on the day of
    • Amy and Anni and Priya came
    • Lots of balloons!
      • Later I actually made one float in midair (more or less? it’s kind of hard to balance) by weighting it with a bag of murukus, carefully curated
    • Anni gave me a clock LOL and Amy gave me a bobabear and Priya gave me a super soft blanket and chocolates and a really really nice leather(?) cover book with the world etched on it and it looks super sleek so I love to use it when I need scratch paper that’s not the iPad
  • There was a puja too, on Reenu’s birthday, and it was also quite fun
    • Went to SHP in the morning ^^; was fun and Reenu was there too and she just got snapchat so there are some hilarious videos from that
    • Then there was food and it was so gooddd
    • We finally got to play CLUE! Yay
  • College decisions started to come out and they’re pretty scary but we’ll see, nothing I can do now ><