A streak of 2

The first time I updated, it was 6/2, and now it’s 6/20

APs are over, HSCTF is over, Phi Day is over. Junior year is over. Summer has started. Things are boutta change.

Productive things:

  • Finish New Horizons
    • Can’t wait to review the material B)
  • Finish all APs
    • They went okay, I guess
    • grading, message-board, nrc, zkp
    • Did some infra, but there’s a whole lot I’ve gotta know for next time
  • CS Club VP 2021!
  • Phi Day Math Meet
    • Literally started the Thursday of. The meet was on Saturday.
    • Still made 40 problems, still hosted the meet, IT WORKED OUT
    • There were errors in 3 of the questions.
  • Finished Junior Year
    • And all assignments with it :>
  • Made a tentative plan for the summer

Maybe not so productive things:

  • Went to JProm. Had fun B)
    • Ended up going to Macy’s for the dress, and spent a whole lotta time there
    • Ended up wearing a different dress (ordered online), but both were cool
    • The food was eh. Clearly cheap, but tasted good…
  • Balanced dolphin after Phi Day (with Amy and Priya)
  • Watched Luca
  • Watched Senior Graduation! (with Allen and Jeremy)
  • Watched Interstellar in Physics