Hi again

Only a month until school…

Productive things

  • Did the rest of the lecture
    • Over two days
  • Talent show!
    • Recorded Pachtaoge with Disha
    • Was a massive procrastination fest
    • But very fun! 100% worth it
    • Figured out notes for the first time in a while
  • Went to most PACT lectures for Group II
    • Went to everything after first lecture except for last Friday evening(Vihan)
  • Freewrote a bit
    • Nothing very important, but it helped to just write

Maybe not so productive things

  • Went to four different places five different times over three days and spent at least 2 hours at each place
    • Puja (very long!): Friday afternoon/night
    • Manabadi photoshoot: Saturday morning
    • Another “puja” (ended up just being Reenu, Nikhi, and I hanging out with/without Milo because I arrived late): Saturday noon-evening
    • Baby shower?: Saturday night (also at Babai-Pinni’s house)
    • Dinner: Sunday late afternoon-night (with Sanju and Sidharth)
  • Consequently got sick
    • No idea what it is
    • Had to cancel lecture on Tuesday and reschedule to Thursday
    • Apparently I had to have a coughing fit in the middle of lecture Thursday :(
    • Was bad first two days and then got better but it hasn’t gone away yet ;-;
    • So yes, I unfortunately had to sing on a sore throat
  • Talked about very random stuff after lecture
  • Lifted basketball hoop!
  • Guacamole recipe:
    • 1/2 Avocado
    • A bit of onion (chopped)
    • Some lemon (squeezed)
    • A sprinkle of cumin
    • Salt
  • Drew this:

hmm girl