hides behind wall

I haven’t posted on here since last year. I believe I’m now sort of at a breather again. ?

productive things

  • I got into colleges, I’ve chosen a college, now I’m preparing for college.
  • I graduated !!! I have my diploma and everything. Shocking
  • Applied to summer programs and have been rejected; want to teach at PACT one last time. I should actually email Dr. Gandhi about that again.
  • I got scholarships :)
  • NCWIT national honorable mentino
  • National Cyber Scholar, again. They won’t give me 3k more for the course
  • Got As on all my Princeton courses (did get a B on LIT tho)
  • Joined Gracie Barra BJJ after graduation

maybe not-so-productive things

  • Okay, earlier things first: I dunno if I documented the “csprinceton.org” story here, or the SUNY Morrisville one, but now I have
  • I have a yearbook. My final school yearbook. I have the signatures separately
  • We watched Interstellar in physics
  • I went to SO many classes of other people like Mini and Amy
  • Why? cause I needed to make up credit. Why? cause I WENT TO INDIA FOR 2 AND A HALF WEEKS
  • Yeah, well, I did have to go to school on Saturdays, heh.
  • There’s the dermatologist story.
  • I met SO many people again. Have LOTS of pictures.
  • But it’s all overshadowed because. Well we had to come home early.
  • because Sreemayi was in a coma.
  • She died the following Tuesday? late night or Wednesday early morning
  • Because they took her off the ventilator.
  • Like just two blog posts ago I was still talking about visiting her class.

It’s not fair. She had lots ahead of her. We had lots ahead of us, together.

But, well, I’ll end there for now. I had to get through graduation and everything with everything going on and I guess I haven’t processed everything fully but I only have half a month from now to ASEs so gotta buckle down ‘.+