I’m back again


Productive things

  • Finished reading AD21 and revising writeup, starting on first research question
  • Started attending Foundations Academy, which is actually pretty hype
  • Date is set for PACT lecture
  • College list is pretty much finalized
  • Have been pretty consistent with Paradox and Infinity
    • Not so much with the other course
  • Finished sending recommenders the forms

Maybe not so productive things

  • Spent basically the entire weekend with Varun Mamayya and Siri Atta
    • Watched movies
    • Played cards
    • Played video games (Trials Frontier, Shark-eating game, Celeste (!!))
    • Went on a hike
    • Played basketball (at our house)
    • Drew
  • Met with CS Club
    • Arrived 30 minutes late ;-; but it was fine
    • Ate pizza, Allen brought Snapple
    • Wrote out addresses on envelopes to mail out the stickers